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Coach Clay Banks:
Head Coach, Owner
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Coach is a class act!  Bold statement? Maybe… but that’s how we feel!  But you might want to check him out for yourself. His accomplishments as a former Fortune 500 Motivational Speaker – National Instructor – Improv Director – Comedy Coach – Life Coach – Live Empowerment Coach – Business Coach and more…. will have you asking… “How’s he do it”? His profundity is eye opening as he carefully serves up his words so the listener can gain maximum benefit for their own self growth. He specializes in empowerment: getting you to unlock the ultimate champion inside of you. Hasn’t really set in yet? Check out our testimonial page and you’ll see. Oh, and he also trains actors how to work professionally in films and television shows.


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Acting Class, and yes, this is a generalization, makes up theories about why people are stuck or broken and then tries to fix them. Coaching shows you how to do something better.

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Coaching is a profound learning process and exciting and inspiring at times. Get the hands on training you need.

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  • Testimonial

    I was so honored to receive an award for the emotionally raw and subtle work Coach Banks taught me how to do in my performance.

    Jenn Gotzen

  • Testimonial

    In the year-and-a-half since I joined the studio, I’ve booked several commercial and VO jobs!

    Eva Banks

  • Testimonial

    Since attending Coach Banks’ class, I have watched my bookings soar!

    Jeff Wolfe


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