Advanced Class

Advanced Class


About the CBSI Advanced Class

This is an Award Winning, On-Camera Acting Class for serious film and television actors.

CBSI is a reputable, well-established studio that has already produced two Emmy Award-Winners.

Features of the class include:

  • Restricted class size
  • Concentrated and personal training
  • Aa split-screen, ECU, on-camera Meisner/Method based process with recorded playbacks
  • Personal business and life coaching
  • Specific individual attention
  • Heightened intimate scene work from classic as well as contemporary films and hit shows!
  • Actors are also given the opportunity to audition for select studio productions.

CBSI’s advanced class is a group of extremely focused, driven, and highly imaginative creatives. Our studio is a zone-empowered center for advanced artistic & creative studies. Our ongoing focus — working out the art, craft, technicalities, and business of show business.


How to Apply

  • Non Students Fill out this form
  • Current Students Fill out this form
  • We will review submissions to determine who we would like to see for an in-person audition
  • If you are accepted You’ll next be asked to make a $100 non-refundable deposit due within 48 hours to hold your place.  
  • Once accepted you’ll be assigned:
    • A scene
    • Your character,
    • And your scene partner.


Make-Up (Absence) Policy:

Thursday class make-up’s are allowed in one of our other CBSI classes.

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We have 6 Seats Avail!

This class is limited to 14 -16 WORKING ACTORS. All CBSI actors work in every class.

Seeking serious actors ONLY to audition for [6] current openings.


We Work On-Camera

On top of your training in the studio… your scene work will be RECORDED and immediately made available to you for continued, objective, remote study.

(Special additional acting exercises will also be assigned).



Full Working Student Package

Receives weekly coaching on recorded on-camera scene work

$300 for 4 weeks

Audits Package

Observational student only. May participate in warm ups, improvs and lectures. Does not receive scene work, coaching or recorded play backs.

$30 a class or…

$100 for 4 weeks


See Pricing for our Non-Advanced Classes HERE


Thursdays @ 7:00 

Classes run 3.5 – 4 hours

Students are expected to arrive on time and stay for the duration of the class.

For other class level offerings click HERE to view our schedule of classes.


10660 Riverside Drive

Suite CBSI (Upstairs)

Toluca Lake, CA 91602

Just off the 134 @ Cahuenga

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