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Welcome to CBSI!

We’re glad you decided to take this step to advance your training and improve your understanding of the craft of acting. Coach Banks is an established veteran Master Coach and wants to be certain this is the right studio for you. That being the case, all actors are asked to go through his audition process.

The audition you’re about to participate in has been constructed to not only assess your skill level for proper placement in the studio; but it will also give you tremendous insight into where you are with your preparation, overall. Think, of this as a personal assessment session.

Read everything below carefully and when you’re ready to audition go to the calendar link below and choose the next available time.

Looking Forward!

CBSI’s AUDITION FORM (What will be required of you): Results will be based on the following POINT SYSTEM:

Paper Work & Communication (5 total points)

  • Filling out any/all Audition Forms – Knowing what’s required of you – Showing up ready to go.

Reachability (5 total points)

  • Website or Online Presence – Is it clear who you are and are you easy to reach?
  • Email – Do you respond to your emails in a timely manner and are you understandable?
  • Resume – Is your resume clean and professional along with easy contact info?
  • Voicemail – Is your outgoing VM professional and concise? Do we know it’s you?

Entrance – (15 total points)

  • First impression (Live or Zoom)

Interview – (20 total points)

  • INTRODUCTION – Presentation during the interview process
    Ability to communicate yourself – What’s interesting about you?
  • Articulation of your favorite movie/book/story?
  • Do you have a joke that’s funny and doesn’t offend? (optional)
  • What project(s) are you presently working on?

Attitude – (20 total points)

  • Energy – Disposition – Volume/Dynamic – How you affect the room

Performance – (20 total points) Art, Craft, Tech, Talent

  • Improv Exercise
  • Prepared 2-pg/2-person Scene (can pull from the CBSI Scene Bin)
  • Ice Cold Read (assigned in the audition)
  • Prepared Monologue(s). How many do you have? (You’ll only be auditioning one piece)
  • Strongest Character – Prepare a monologue, presentation, or scene, introducing us to
    vour character. (less than 45 seconds) *YOU WILL ONLY PERFORM ONE MONO.

The Exit – (15 total points)

TOTAL PTS – (Out of 100)

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