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About the CBSI Master Class Intensive

This is an Award-Winning, On-Camera Acting Class for serious film and television actors. CBSI is a reputable, well-established studio that has already produced two Emmy Award-Winners.

The CBSI Advanced Master Class Intensive consists of a group of extremely focused, driven, and highly imaginative creatives. Our studio is a zone-empowered center for advanced artistic & creative studies. We implement a split-screen, ECU, on-camera Meisner/Method based process with recorded playbacks for further study.

Our ongoing focus — training artists in the Art, Craft, Technicalities, and Business of Show Business.

The Advanced Scene Study – Character Development Master Class Intensive is very different from any other class we offer as it’s intended for the serious, professional working actor who’s willing to do the work necessary for maximum personal growth potential. 

Here are some of the features of this class:

  • Smaller Class Size – This is a true intensive! Very limited class size that allows for more specific individual attention. All actors work every class!
  • More Stage TimeThe new curriculum provides all students more time to practice and learn with more time on stage with Coach Banks as well as in front of the cameras. This allows you to play and explore quite a bit further and deeper than a traditional class which will help you grow and better hone your craft.
  • Custom Select Scenes Coach Banks selects specific scenes and lengthy monologues for each actor from established and revered classic and contemporary films and quality TV series. Scenes are generally 8-14 pgs in length and are customized for each actor performing them.
  • Advanced CurriculumThis model is to provide even more challenging work to help you rise above. It will better prepare you for professional paid work in the entertainment industry and give you strengthened confidence to land even more work than you’re presently landing.
  • Relevant Instruction – Coach is continually studying, learning new techniques to help coach you better. Continued education of the craft is necessary for everyone, even industry veterans like Coach Clay Banks. Coach Banks is constantly acquiring training techniques from other industry-leading master acting teachers, A-list actors – writers – directors, and industry pros. All this to help you become the best actor you can be.

We’re able to offer this session by limiting class size and inviting SERIOUS working professional actors only!

Schedule and Pricing

Thursday’s 12-4:30 pm


$650  $600 Limited Special (can be broken up into two payments)

We’re offering more stage time for you to hone your craft as well as an advanced curriculum to challenge you to become your best. What we expect from you is your best!

Expectations of the Master Class Students

  • Show up to every Thursday class… 15 minutes early
  • Read the entire script
  • Do your scene and character research
  • Rehearse with your scene partner outside of class
  • Fully develop your characters
  • Wardrobe your characters
  • Prop pieces when needed
  • Stay for the duration of the class
  • Support your fellow actors
  • Cooperate with CBSI studio guidelines and procedures
  • Have 3 Monologues ready to go and additional Monologues in various stages of development
  • Respond to ALL CBSI emails, texts and phone calls
  • Continue to read entire screenplays, teleplays, and plays outside of class
  • Study films and quality television series
  • Bring in material you’d like to work in class (existing and transcribed)
  • Stay for the duration of the class (auditions & paid acting work exempt)
  • Maintain a positive, professional, empowered attitude and mindset

How to Apply

  • Non-CBSI Students – Fill out this form
  • Current CBSI Students – Fill out this form
  • After reviewing your application, we’ll determine who we would like to see for an in-person audition
  • If you’re accepted, we’ll inform you via email within the week and you’ll next be asked to make a $100 non-refundable deposit due within 48 hours to hold your place 
  • Once accepted you’ll be assigned:
    • A start date
    • A scene or monologue
    • Your character
    • And your scene partner (if applicable)

Make-Up (Absence) Policy:

We highly discourage missing class. However, if you must, Thursday class make-ups are allowed within 7 days in one of the other CBSI classes. (See allowances above.)

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Class Observational Audit

$75 per day

$50 per day (student rate)

Audits Package

$275 a month (4 classes)

See Pricing for our Non-Advanced Classes HERE


Thursdays 12pm 

Classe runs  4-5 hours

Students are expected to arrive early and stay for the duration of the class.

Click HERE to view all of our scheduled classes.


(CBSI is a Covid-Compliant Studio)

Online w/ ZOOM (links are provided for each session)


10660 Riverside Drive

Suite CBSI (Upstairs)

Toluca Lake, CA 91602

Just off the 134 @ Cahuenga

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