Performance Empowerment Coaching

You know how you know… that you know, there’s so much more to who you are than you’re presently experiencing? That there’s this amazing ‘next level’ in you that you just can’t seem to fully accessed?

Or, perhaps you are fully aware of what’s inside of you but you’re being challenged with not being able to keep that inner brilliance activated?

Maybe your peak state just isn’t ‘peak’ enough and you find yourself consistently having to pick yourself back up from low, dredgy places?

If so, you’re definitely not alone! And, that’s precisely where I come in!

What I do is something very specific and completely personalized! I help EMPOWER THAT SUPER-VERSION OF YOU AND GUIDE TO YOUR PEAK STATE!

As a Full-Potential Empowerment Coach, I’ve had a lifetime of tremendous success helping folks bring out the best! From entertainers to entrepreneurs, artists and executives, teenagers to adults. For over three decades I’ve had the incredible opportunity to help thousands of amazing individuals from all walks of life access, empower, and position their inner SUPERHUMAN! As a result, their lives radically improve!

I help you to embrace the belief that there’s a Superhuman inside each and every one of us and my calling is to help individuals make the necessary adjustments for them to connect with and activate that inner awesomeness! Sound pretty neat? If so…

Set up a Sample Session and let’s see if you and I feel I can be an active element in your coming success! Tell you what… I’m so confident that you’ll begin to see what I’m talking about that I’ll even pay for it! 30 minutes of my professional time… just for you, on the house! Now, that’s a total No-Brainer! There’s nothing to lose and you’ve got absolutely everything to gain! So just SCHEDULE A SESSION — and we’re off!

Coach Clay Banks is an Artist, Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Performer/Speaker, Mentor, Activator & Empowerment Coach. His mission, gift, and purpose are succinct. To help guide and empower you in accessing and embracing your own full potential… your inner Superhuman! And believe it, because it’s in there!


Your Steps to Begin

  1. Set up your complimentary 30-Minute Sample Session.
  2. Experience firsthand how we work together and receive my professional assessment of your present circumstance.
  3. If after the session you’re underwhelmed… you’ll leave the meeting with an added measure of personal wisdom and insight… and we part friends.
  4. If your mind is blown, your world is rocked and you begin to see the potential… you’ll move on to step 5!
  5. Purchase your package. Schedule your first full session. Experience your first session. Receive your homework assignment. And… we’re off!

Now, as great as all of that sounds, there is a stipulation. Serious change doesn’t happen overnight. This isn’t a quick-fix thing. No! This is about helping you to lose the old, outdated version of yourself and begin to move into the Super-Version of you! Real, honest, true, and powerful change! So, once you make your decision, you’ll also be making a commitment to yourself to do the work for nothing less than two months to begin! Two months minimum! This also helps you know whether you’re a dreamer or a doer. Are you ready?

Check below for the business details you’re more than likely curious about… and I look forward to seeing you real soon!

Activator Series

6 1-Hour Teleconferencing (zoom, teams, skype) and/or Phone Sessions Conducted over 8 Weeks.
Followed up with a Series-Evaluation.

Empowerment Series

9 1-Hour Teleconferencing and/or Phone Sessions over 12 Weeks.
Followed up with a Series-Evaluation.


If at any point you don’t feel you’re receiving the value you had hoped for, no worries. There’s a full no-questions-asked-money-back guarantee on all unused sessions. That simple! And, no…I haven’t had one return yet! So, let’s get going right now. Because if you’ve made it this far, you know inside this really needs to happen. And, the best time to make anything happen is right now!


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