I’ve been prepping actors for Pilot Season for years!

And each year, there’s one thing I’ve seen actors consistently miss. Bringing the CHARACTER!
Casting isn’t looking for whether or not you read every word on the copy correctly. And, yet, when most actors receive their sides for their auditions, they generally place most of their attention on memorizing their lines — and very little on building a strong character. Well, this is 180 degrees backward! Casting, as well as production, is not looking for a polished read!  NO! An interesting and believable CHARACTER is what you need to bring into the room… and I’ll help make sure you have your hub-character, camera-ready!

We’re kicking off our FINDING, BUILDING, & DEVELOPING YOUR CHARACTER FALL INTENSIVE! So, if you want a shot at landing some solid, ongoing work… you don’t want to miss this class! And, you don’t want to wait until the last minute to do this either. Characters need time to fully develop. A solid character is not a ‘last-minute’ thing you just whip up! So, respond to this email and we’ll take $50 off of the cost of the class!


This’s going to be an 8-week session on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7 pm. The intensive is $250 each month plus the A.C.T. Course (discounted) $237 — TOTAL $487. We’re taking 12 working students only (via zoom and in-studio). Open auditors (via zoom) $150.

And, here’s another scenario you might want to consider — You audition your character and casting is hot on you. BUT… they’re not quite fully convinced! And, it’s you who needs to convince them. They say, “I don’t know… do you have anything else you can show me”? Now, what are you supposed to do? Well, you should come right back and say, “I’ve got a one minute monologue ready to go!” They’re not only not going to turn you down — they’ll LOVE YOU for it! And, when that happens, you’re gonna need to be camera-ready with that amazing, job-landing monologue delivery!

So, we’ll also be incorporating our MONOLOGUE INTENSIVE into our CHARACTER INTENSIVE making it a DOUBLE-TAP POWER INTENSIVE!

And, if you respond to this email and we’ll even take $50 off of the cost of this class as well!

Next, we’ll be having a Character Talent Showcase on 12/12 to help you promote your work! So you’ll be tried and tested for Pilot Season 2021!. [Amazing details about the showcase to follow soon!]

And, if that’s not enough… you’ll be fully prepared for LA’s 14th ANNUAL 1MINUTE MONOLOGUE MICRO-FILM FESTIVAL which will happen in February of 2021! 

So, let’s get you all sorted out and powered up because Netflix, Hulu, HBO and Amazon Prime have to restock their content shelves! No joke! They are buying up content like crazy at the moment! And, that means… lots of work!

For those of you who participated in our webinar on Cold Reading, you’ll be receiving $50 off! But you’ve got to sign up now! This is a limited seating session.

Just CLICK HERE if you need any further information as well as HERE if you’re ready to SECURE YOUR PLACE IN THE CLASS!

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