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CBSI – Private & Self Tapes


Thanks for your interest in studying at CBSI!

We offer the following services:

  1. Self Tapes/Audition Coaching
  2. Headshot Coaching
  3. Demo Reel Coaching
  4. Character Coaching
  5. Personal/Life Coaching
  6. Skype Coaching



Six-Session Packages:

  1. We begin with a consultation to get a feel for where you are — questions you may have, personal attitude & mindset, training, and ability.
  2. We’ll also go over your headshots/resume and any tape if available. (if not, it’s ok)
  3. We’ll review your pre-session worksheet. (much of the business-of-the-business is covered here)
  4. You’ll then read some copy (audition technique) or possibly perform a monologue. No need to stress, this is your session.
  5. Coach Banks will look at you as the coach that he is as well as a Casting Director. He assesses how you enter and conduct yourself in the room (in an audition capacity),  then he’ll work on various empowerment techniques to build you stronger and move your performance higher. (Most all actors can use a little assistance here, whether they realize it or not.)
  6. Once we’ve spent some time with the above areas, we’ll then move onto cold-reading, line-lifting, script assessment and character development. (each session is uniquely different and will be tailored accordingly to the progress made)

Additional Areas of Focus

  • Voice and Diction work
  • Presence
  • Dynamic
  • Poise
  • There will be some ‘out of studio’ homework and memorization assignments.
  • Handling the room.
  • Handling the Call-Back
  • Time permitting — professional on-set etiquette and acting at a professional performance level

Three-Session Packages:

Three-Session Packages include the topics discussed above only not quite as deep. Depth takes time. Still, every session is amazingly effective.

Headshot Coaching:

Actors waste literally thousands of dollars during their careers shooting ineffective headshots. After years of seeing weak, if not terrible, actor headshots, Coach Banks decided to do something about it. He developed a series of specialty sessions he calls Headshot Coaching. These sessions take all of the guess work out of the photo shoot, equipt and empower the actor leaving them with outstanding photos. DON’T SHOOT WITHOUT IT! Well, you can…but you’re taking a big costly chance… that can stick with you for a while.

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Pre-Audition Session:

Coach Banks will have you come into the studio as if you were entering the actual room where you’ll be auditioning. He’ll assess your read, give you your adjustments and have you exit… you’ll then reenter the room with your redirects. Comments and coaching notes will be given on the redirects, words of wisdom and encouragement are offered…and then, twelve or so minutes later,  you’ll be off to your audition stronger and more prepared!

1-hr Private Coaching/Career Counseling Sessions:

Special Student Rate:

$100 – 1 session // $60 1/2 session

$275 – 3 session pkg

$525 – 6 session pkg

Non-Student Rate:

$125 – 1 session – // $70 1/2 session

$350 – 3 session pkg

$675 – 6 session pkg

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*Please Note that our Weekend Rates are $150 per session, regardless of Student Status.