Self Tapes

Self Tapes

CBSI Self-Tapes are MORE than just taped auditions. Every self-tape is a piece of art… a dynamic performance as if from the film or TV show itself. Each CBSI self-tape is accompanied by in-depth, one-on-one PRIVATE COACHING!

Set up your private self-tape sessions HERE… and you’ll be on your way to a killer audition!

The Coaching…

  • We’ll breakdown the scene and unfold invaluable insights into the story.
  • We’ll unpack your character.
  • We’ll breakdown and assist you with the behavioral micro moments & the integration of your character work for the role you’re auditioning.
  • If you’re not fully memorized, we’ll also work with you on how to get off of the page quickly so you can give a more powerful read.

The Technical Stuff…

  • We’ll light you beautifully with full LED ballanced lighting and make sure you look your best in front of a casting approved backdrop.
  • A professional coach will be your reader so there won’t be any performance distractions.
  • We’ll shoot your audition with a Sony 4K camera, record it with a lav or shotgun mic (depending on your scene), and edit down your best take and slate.
  • Lastly, we’ll compress and download your finished scene to your flash drive or wetransfer it to wherever it needs to be sent.




Actor Testimonials:

I CRUSHED it!!!!!!!!! My scene with Ben Affleck was amazing! Thanks, Coach!!! So much!!!

Your self-tapes are amazing!

I can’t believe how great I look after working with you!

I keep coming back because I book the jobs I work with you on!

There’s no way I could pull this audition off without your coaching!

You give me insight into my reads that I would never find on my own.

You’re the guy! I love working with you! Thanks for everything!

Coach Banks goes out of his way to get you in. He’ll lead you into the zone and pull your best performance out of you!

Lets get you started! BOOK NOW!!


When making the decision to shoot it yourself or to work with an industry professional, think about where you’re going to deliver your best work. Even though you may feel comfortable with your friend at the helm, they may not be giving you the best input to help your performance.


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