The Staff at CBSI is the best! These guys and gals work tirelessly to provide you, our student body, with the highest quality experience, studio, coaching and acting training in the city. Go ahead, meet them!

Coach Jack Stuart is a graduate of The Process. He’s studied under the direct leadership of Coach Banks for several meticulous years. Jack’s a well-skilled actor with a special added gift… his profound ability to communicate writer’s intent.  This gift has opened up a sensational opportunity, not only for Jack as one of our Full-Time Teachers and Coach of the CBSI Process, but also to coach you, the aspiring on-camera actor… that is if you’re fortunate enough to get in his class.

Coach Joe Abraham is a graduate of the CBSI Process. Joe is not only an amazing CBSI Coach, he’s also a working actor, writer, motivational speaker, and family man. As a writer, Joe and his wife Christine co-authored The Thriving Artists TTA: a groundbreaking book that teaches actors insider secrets for lifelong success in the industry as they master the demands of life, finances, and the career they so desire to achieve.

Richard Gilbert Hill is CBSI’s Resident Vocal Coach. Richard does private voice coaching for CBSI students as well as teaching weekly classes with Voice and Breath and Muscularity. Richard has been a working actor since 1976, and has had a long career as a professional Coach with companies such as the Young Company at the Stratford Shakespearean Festival, the Academy of Radio Broadcasting, and Gordon Hunt and his Acting Workshop. He has Guest Starred on many television shows including Picket Fences, Chicago Hope, The Practice, Seventh Heaven and Third Rock From the Sun. He is also a produced writer for television (Renegade, Highlander, The Perfect Nanny).

Lauren Schoepfer is the Operations Manager at CBSI and handles a lot the day to day administration that helps maintain a healthy creative environment in the studio. Lauren is a producer on LA’s Annual 1Minute Monologue Contest, an AD in the Friday Day Class, and a student in two others…so basically she is woven into the fabric of CBSI and if you need anything she is probably the one who can help you. She is a California native and in the summers you’ll find her in a red bathing suit guarding the waters at Seal Beach. But her real passion is the performing arts and she enjoys writing and developing juicy conflicted characters.

Melanie McGinniss is Coach Bank’s  Personal Assistant. She is a writer who can help you with all of your proofreading and editing needs, as well as rattle off any Harry Potter trivia you may be curious about. Originally from Delaware (and more recently North Dakota), she lived in LA for a semester in college, studying at the Los Angeles Film Studies Center where she wrote a short film called Tree House, and decided to come back immediately after graduation this past summer. She works part-time at Universal Studios, so if you’re looking for parking options or employee-discounted tickets, she’s your girl. town.

Business Manager

Laura Grimaldi

Laura Grimaldi is the Executive Accountant for the Studio. She handles all taxes and business expenses and helps us to keep everything financially fair… for everyone!  And, she’s really good at it! She’s so good that she’s able to keep the left side of her brain working numbers… while her right brain, (you know the creative side), continues to knock out acting jobs right and left. Ha! Look at that!


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