Tune-Up Tuesdays




We’re extending TUNE-UP TUESDAY’S throughout the SUMMER!

Every Tuesday in the Summer,  we’re opening up the studio specifically for AUDITION COACHING & SELF-TAPES. For just a $1 a minute, no minimum, we’ll take you and your audition to the next level of performance. After a tight and effective session, you’ll be focused, dialed in, on point, and fired up for your read!

10-minutes = $10! …60-minutes = $60!

Whether auditioning live or sending in a tape, we’ll help make you look great!

Here’s how it works:

  1. CLICK HERE to schedule your session
  2. Come to the studio at your scheduled time
  3. We’ll go to work on your character and scene
  4. We’ll get you in the performance zone!
  5. You’re off to your audition!
  6. If it’s a self-tape, we’ll shoot it and either hand you the file or we’ll edit it for you and send it where it needs to go.
  7. You pay only for the time it takes. $1 a minute

That Simple!

So, why not come on in and check out our new studio?! It’s all happening right now! We’ll have you looking great and dialed in, in no time! ~ Coach Banks





Need a private session or self tape…but cant wait till next Tuesday? Check out our regular private session rates HERE.

Actor Testimonials:

I CRUSHED it!!!!!!!!! My scene with Ben Affleck was amazing! Thanks, Coach!!! So much!!!

I keep coming back because I book the jobs I work with you!

There’s no way I could pull this audition off without your coaching.

You give me insight into my reads that I would never find on my own.

You’re The Man I love working with you! Thanks for everything!

Coach Banks goes out of his way to get you in. He’ll lead you into the zone and pull your best performance out of you!



When making the decision to shoot it yourself or to work with an industry professional, think about where you’re going to deliver your best work. Even though you may feel comfortable with your friend at the helm, they may not be giving you the best input to help your performance.


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