Vision Statement

CBSI Vision Statement

More Than Just an Acting Studio

Our Mandate – To activate your fullest artistic & business potential.

CBSI is a team of Creatively-Driven, Extremely Focused, and Highly Imaginative people. Our training facility is a Zone Impowered Center for Advanced Artistic & Creative Studies.

Aware and holistic, Body, Soul, Spirit & Wallet, we strive for Creative, Artistic and Monetary Excellence! Concerning the Craft of Acting, we supplement Creative Work with Life Skills and Business Principles in a safe and supportive environment. Affectionately know as the CBSI Creative Tundra, our Art, Craft, and Technicalities empower all of our students, clients, and staff members to discover more about who they are while encouraging them to be their absolute best!

Our Production Company produces quality entertainment! Films, TV Shows, Educational Videos, Showcases, Reels, and Seminars. Our emphasis on the Creative Process results in our student body being made up of Actors, Artists, Writers, Dancers, Singers, Directors, Producers, and Business People.

CBSI has hundreds of Alumni living and working locally and internationally.