Complimentary Workshops

Free Introductory Working On-Camera Class!



Every other week at CBSI we offer a Free Class for students who are interested in finding out what we are all about.

This is not a pitch session. There is no hard sell. This is an honest to goodness FREE class so you can work with our coaches and get a really good sense of how we roll.

First 14 to register will work on-camera. Seats are limited!

Registration NOW OPEN:

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Next Free Class:

TBA (check back for our next Free Workshop Date)


The class at CBSI is unlike any other. Clay has a way to transform you into another world brimming with imagination. Working in this atmosphere truly helps with fulfilling your potential. – Class Attendee

Leaving this class I felt like I received a month’s worth of acting coaching!– Class Attendee

I really had a great time!  I learned a lot — uber impressed with the studio — and also the new techniques that were presented! – Class Attendee

The instructors were clear, concise, encouraging yet challenging as they met each actor right where they were—without criticism or superiority. – Class Attendee

SO EXCITED to start studying here!– New CBSI Student

Join Clay Banks Studio International at our new location for a complimentary class introduction to our SPLIT SCREEN, ON-CAMERA FILM & TV acting training. Meet our coaches and find out how CBSI can take you to the next level in the Art, Craft, and Technicalities of acting. SCENE STUDY and AUDITIONING for FILM & TV. This is a HIGH VALUE – HIGH CONTENT class that you won’t want to miss!

CBSI’s NEW State-of-the-Art Studio:

10660 Riverside Drive 
Suite CBSI (Upstairs) 
Toluca Lake, CA 91602


(Plenty of FREE & EASY in our lot as well as free two-hour and metered parking available on the street.)

Register below to participate!

(Space is limited. Please, only register if you plan on coming.)

DISCLAIMER: By attending this on-camera class, you are agreeing that any photography by Clay Banks Studio International may be used by Clay Banks Studio & Productions for promotional use and purposes only.  All images are subject to postings online and social media outlets. If you are not comfortable with having your picture taken and do not agree with these terms you must let us know in advance. Failure to inform us grants us permission to use your likeness.